Help by donating teddies to GRIP

Updated: Mar 10

The Greater Rape Intervention Programme (GRIP) is in dire need of teddies and is appealing to the community to help donate teddy bears to its survivors, regardless of the size, shape or color. “It is a scientific fact proven that when someone who has suffered trauma or hurt receives a teddy, their healing process is sped up by 60 per cent. “Not only that, the medico-forensic examination, even though done by specially trained empathetic forensic nurses, is invasive by its very nature,” said Barbara Kenyon, chairperson of GRIP’s board of trustees. Keyon pled for the public to either knit or buy teddies and donate them to GRIP, as teddies are a symbol of comfort and care, and a friend for both women and children who have been abused.

“It does not matter whether they are new or not. Everything will help make a difference, as when you hug a cuddly teddy in your arms it is extremely comforting. To those who want to donate can drop the teddies off at 46 Anderson Street. We guarantee the teddies will be well-loved.”

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